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Get Back Home: Re-imagining the Music

The feeling in the car was a very heavy mixture of excitement, paranoia, joy, anger, and any other feeling that falls in between the dominant emotions: fear and love (Donnie Darko reference for the movie nerds). This potpourri of raw emotion bounced about the car like the headlights of an oncoming vehicle, effecting every passenger it chose to rest upon, but mostly me. I was a sack full of emotion and luckily this was the perfect time to be because, we were shooting a music video.

Ask Cinematographer and Director, Bruce Gaines, this music video has been a long time coming. Years in fact. So to finally be riding in that car, camera in hand, light on the dashboard, illegally shooting the last scene of the music video that took years to come to fruition, was a big f-ing deal!

If we go back to the beginning, and I mean really go back to the beginning. Before the song was ever even a thought in my mind, bruce and I were laying down the groundwork for what would become the visual accompaniment to my second single "Get back Home". We didn't have a concept because the song didn't exist but what we did have was a style, and more importantly, an understanding about who we were and who we both aimed to be, artistically. We brewed over multiple concepts for multiple songs, unknowingly building up to the piece of work we have today. all we needed was a great song, and for time to finally be on our side. Then, along comes "Get back Home".

I'd love to write a whole page worth of interesting behind the scenes gossip about this song but like most great songs, it all seemed to come together with ease, from beginning to end.From building the song, to when KiDD Saturday layed down his verse, everything almost fell into place. Thats how you know you've got a great song. Now, fast forward back to the car, and hopefully you understand why emotions were so high.

To me, that last shot of the night was something to remember. Here you have 3 guys in a car, all seeing their hard work paying off right before their very eyes. For me it meant victory for us all even before we ever truly went into battle. We all won the moment the cameras started rolling.

Im thrilled to be able to share this new song and video with you all. I hope you enjoy it and I promise more music will be on the way. Thanks to everyone involved in making this music and this video a reality.

-Mr. Shipp

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